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Back from the dead!

Dustin' off the cobwebs of the ol' blog eh.

It's been a real roller coaster since that last post I made, which was 8 months ago (zomg). I've changed addresses twice since then, in addition to the address change I had just made at that last post. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. It's been insane.

I will post more thoroughly in the near future. For now, work beckons!


Zombie Update!

Moved in to new Fremont apartment. It's fun here!

I had a crazy end of quarter, then after tha I was decompressing with spring break so no updates lately. Oh well.



Forgot to change the archive with the year. Oh well, not like I was a real posting fiend in January anyway o_o

Alone at the apartment for the first time since very early January I believe. Or to be more accurate, the first night without Patricia in five weeks. Yeah I'm pathetic.

I'll not bore you with singing her praises, gentle reader. Just assume she and I are a good match and leave it at that.



Back from the dead!

Been out of contact for so long mostly because I'm spending so much time with Patricia, and she can't really come over here because long story. Suffice it to say I'm not at home much these days.

Everything is chugging along, except for the things that I do at home. That unfortunately includes Sorcery Clans (sorry Debbie!). I have been pondering input for a long time and am starting to develop, in my head, a V2.0 of Sorcery Clans (would probably be V1.0 of Magic: the Reckoning or some other cooler name). But that's a long way off still.

Anyway I'm off to karate. Again.

Back to home.